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Goose hunting in Iceland

Goose hunting

Goose hunting is a favourite pastime of many locals. The graylag geese and pink footed geese breed in great numbers. The hunters also have a crack at migrating visitors on their way to or from Greenland or Canada, such as the barnacle- and brent geese. Few other countries can boast of greater number of individuals of the graylag geese and the pink footed geese. gooseAlso in great numbers is the greater white fronted goose and the Barnacle goose. Hunting conditions are ideal, natural and relaxing. On the first day the hunters are transported to their accommodations (hunting lodges or hotels) near the hunting locations, which have been selected very carefully and change regularly, depending on the length of the tours. The shooting takes place at dusk and dawn during the main hunting season.

The hunters shoot from blinds as well as from natural river bank shelters and slopes. The geese normally congregate in concentrated flocks and therefore one can expect to shoot any number. Presently there is no bag limit. Semi automatic or double barrelled 12 gauge shotguns are permitted. For semi automatic ones, three cartridges is the maximum. All types of cartridges are available in Iceland.