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Kjolur Bus Schedules Daytour

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 65.0238421° N 19.7340202° W

Daytour Reykjavik- Hveravellir – Reykjavik

Operator: Grey line Iceland

New bus schedule via Kjolur  Reykjavik – Hveravellir – Reykjavik  2022!! Start your trip from Reykjavik, Geysir or Gullfoss to vist Hveravellir in the Highland close to two glaciers,  Langjokull and Hofsjokull.

Kjolur route map

Tour Description:

The route leads towards east over Hellisheiði through Hveragerði and proceeds to the Geysir geothermal area, the site of numerous hot springs, Strokkur (Butterchurn) being the most active one today. A glimpse of the majestic Gullfoss waterfall is next on the agenda, before the drive north, up to the high plane of Kjölur, begins. The name refers to the plateau between the glaciers Langjökull in the west and Hofsjökull towards east, at an altitude of 650 m above sea level. The highland road leads on through the rugged wilderness to the oasis up to Kerlingafjoll and then Hveravellir, with the geothermal area and bathing possibilities.

Then return from Hveravellir back to Kerlingafjoll and down the highland route to Gullfoss and then Geysir. From there the route goes through Laugavatn to Thingvellir over Mosfellsheidi to Reykjavik.

The Tour provides a CD Guide.

Select where you want to start you daytour to Hveravellir and back.

Kjolur Route Day tour
Gray Line Iceland
Route Name: Kjolur route Day tour
Period: 17/6 - 09/9
Frequency: Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun

Departure AreaBus StopDeparture Time
Reykjavik Harpa - Hveravellir - ReykjavikHarpa Concert Hall bus stop #5 8:00 amBOOK
Reykjavik Orkan - Hveravellir - ReykjavikOrkan gas-station Vesturlandsvegur 8:10 amBOOK
Geysir -Hveravellir - GeysirGeysir 9:50 amBOOK
Gullfoss - Hveravellir - GullfossGullfoss 10:00 amBOOK
GullfossArrival Gullfoss 18:00
GeysirArrival Geysir 18:10
ReykjavikArrival Reykjavik 19:30

Highland Bus Schedule to Hveravellir from Reykjavik

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