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Kerlingarfjoll Asgardur

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.6865932° N 19.59294395° W

Asgardur at Kerlingarfjoll

At Kerlingarfjoll is a new building with 20 double rooms with made up beds and each room has a private WC and shower. Then there have 10 smaller chalets each with one to four rooms, which are rented out for made up beds accommodation only.

Mountain huts
The sleeping bag accommodation is in three larger chalets, 8, 20 og 28 persons respectively.


We offer a breakfast table, lunch and dinner. The menu consists of traditional dishes. For your hiking trip you also can buy sandwiches. The restaurant is fully licenced and sells non alcoholic beverages as well as wine and beer.

Camping and sleeping bags

The campsite is large, nesting on natural grounds at the banks of the Asgardsa river. Guests staying in the sleeping bag facilities or the camp site have access to a kitchen facilities.

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